The Last Realms of Heat Death NFT collection

Just as suns expel and erode over time, so too eventually there must be
a final state of the universe, and for that matter, the multiverse.

The end of entropy.
Heat Death.

All that remain near this final end in The Last Realms of Heat Death
are the 'Star Stryders'. Join me now in creating them.

Rewards for Star Stryders victory on 'Averon I'

The Collectible Game

This is an NFT collection based on my original character artworks and a universe I created over time. I wanted to sell my artworks but make it more than that, so I present to you a chance for you to invest in cypto currency, digital artwork and grow some stories and have some fun! In The Last Realms Of Heat Death, energy is the currency. All beings still alive seek it throughout the multiverse. Those left are few, but powerful. As such, titanic, world affecting clashes occur over this now limited resource. 

For those who want to go deep:

Here is a link to a PDF which explains how to get involved from the bottom, i.e. getting into crypto. It also lists more detail on builds and classes to do with gameplay:

Why Invest in LRoHD?

In my opinion NFTs present the opportunity to assign a new value system to things. It gives power back to creators after an age of being underpaid, and the opportunity to invest in fun and livelihood, rather than stocks or goodness forbid, others misery. If you decide my artwork has value, then it does. If enough people do, then you stand to gain a lot yourself.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey through the meta and Web 3.0 as a 'Star Stryder' yourself. My investment in this NFT will go up proportionate to yours, and if it demands the time, I will put it in, you have my word. Expect regular bosses, augments released with Bosses, and of course, more characters! All creating the potential for your investment to grow.


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